What Is The Bravery Masterclass?

Did you know that “61% of us deny the power of our own ideas because we are too busy trying to work out how to fit in”- Nilofer Merchant.

Imagine the innovation that could be created in your organisation if fear did not hold your people back. Imagine the diversity of a workplace that encouraged people to bring their whole self to work. There’s a good reason why companies like Lululemon Athletica, Australia Post, and Powercor are investing in the Bravery Masterclass for their people and the evolution of their organisational culture.

Fear is often the number one barrier holding individuals back from stepping into positive change, at work, and in life.  Many temper themselves and their brilliant ideas, due to fear of failure, being exposed as an imposter, or what others might think.  This eye-opening, tactics based program, identifies what’s holding your talent back and teaches them how to use fear to positively influence change, build confidence, and practice resilience.

The Bravery Masterclass is a powerful way to innovatively shift the culture of your business by making fear a positive emotion that is shared, problem solved collectively and celebrated when it is faced, ultimately leading to more innovative thinking and improved change capability.

Learning Outcomes

The Bravery Masterclass will teach your people how to:

  • Build resilience through the practice of getting comfortable with discomfort.
  • Positively influence outcomes when under stress.
  • Respond pro-actively to fear and positively shift their attitude towards failure.
  • Stop fear from being a barrier to achieving what they want in work and life.
  • Build change capability.


  • An action plan that will enable your people to remove the barriers associated with the top 3 fears they currently face and positively influence the outcome.
  • Improved confidence to bring who they truly are to work and life, supporting greater diversity in your organisation.
  • A deeper level of trust and connection amongst peers, based on the personal experiences shared in the room.
  • A set of evergreen tools that can be used to tackle any fear that comes up, and support building resilience and confidence ongoing.
  • Clarity on where to invest their energy and resources, in order to build confidence and maximise productivity.
  • A new positive language to use when faced with fear, to help shift mindset and build change capability.

Who It’s For

Senior leadership teams and high-performing professionals seeking to remove the barriers to innovative change and amplify the organisational culture.

What Our Past Participants Have To Say…

“You can’t walk out of this workshop without having been inspired by yourself and clear on at least one action that will make a difference in your life.” – Jo

“Penny opened my mind to principles I’ve never used to help break down fears and the stigma of fear. I was completely engaged and empowered to take even the smallest of steps to create change for the better.” – Rae

“Penny’s exercises and insights gave me the confidence to move forward. Being able to share experiences with others and see that what you experience is ‘normal’ is truly powerful. Thanks, Penny.” – Cathy

“We avoid fear like the plague. I think we need permission to invite it into our lives in a positive way, Penny facilitated that. Goals are great, but moving towards something requires us to step over something that obstructs the vision we think we have.” – Anna

“I really liked the idea of looking at the positives of fear and discomfort. It’s so powerful to change a negative to a positive.” – Michelle

“Wow, I’ve always thought of myself as a positive, strong individual, this has really opened up my eyes and shown me that I need to put myself first, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me feel.” – Dafina

“Sharing my fears and realising that everyone else has the same fears is invaluable, I will carry this with me.” – Kerry

“I feel really relieved to have been able to speak about my fears in a safe environment. I feel resilient and confident.” – Grace

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